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Schuyler St Leger
Schuyler St. Leger is a young maker. His passion for technology started at a very early age. His interests include 3D printing, electronics, hardware and software programming, software defined radio (SDR), robotics, computers, and tech innovations. Schuyler regularly speaks and teaches on these subjects. He dabbles in many software and hardware technologies including 3D CAD tools (Autodesk Inventor and 123D, SketchUp, and SolidWorks), LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, Processing, Scratch, Linux, Arduino, and LEGO Mindstorms. He enjoys designing and making things as well as taking apart nearly everything to understand the details of how they work. He shows his projects at various maker events worldwide. Schuyler is a member a FIRST Robotics Competition team, Team Caution Robotics, and also a member of HeatSync Labs, Phoenix’s hackerspace.
His motto is “Don’t be afraid to break something!”
Schuyler lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is currently in high school at Brightmont Academy.


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